Upcycling What is commercial upcycling?

Creating value from waste on a grand scale

Commercial scale upcycling requires a unique combination of design and manufacturing skills and experience:

  • Materials Science
  • Furniture Design
  • Product Design
  • Fibre Engineering
  • Green Chemistry
  • Print & Graphic Design
  • Fabrication Technology
  • Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Upcycling v Recycling - there is only one winner

High value

Flute Upcycling

  • Low value waste fibre converted to high value products
  • Then remade time and time again into new high value products
  • Maximises resource value and efficiency
  • Never again enters the waste stream

Traditional Recycling

Low value

  • Low value waste recycled into low value products
  • Expensive process generating no economic value rise
  • Keeps resource value low and severely restricts the useful lifecycle
  • Becomes waste many times over
Learn about our process Green chemistry
Learn about our process. Green chemistry

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