Manufacture Large scale manufacturing


1,000 tonnes

of waste

We make

1,000 tonnes

of furniture

Flute upcycles low value commercial waste into high value products on a large scale. This year we will transform 1,000 tonnes of low value waste fibre into high class furniture and interior fittings, and next year we forecast to be doing ten times that volume. That equates to many thousands of items of furniture, wall systems, signage, and bespoke constructions.

We use three main production technologies


Using waste fibres to create new corrugated sheets that are painted, coated and die-cut


Thermo-forming waste fibre pulp to create strong smooth structures with high performance characteristics


Pressing mixed waste fibre into high density sheets and solid board

Adding the finishing touch

Once we have created the new structures from waste fibres we apply the finishing touches by using digital printing and water based varnishes or organic films and laminates. Sometimes a simple coat of paint is enough!

Our factories

Wonderful places to work

  • Clean, healthy, energy efficient, sustainable - our factories are among the best.
  • In our factories, we use and reuse over and over again. Every scrap of fibre counts.

Remanufacturing your existing furniture

Many customers own products made by other manufacturers that contain materials not easily recyclable or reusable - they were made in an age of ignorance. What to do with such products? Our policy is to try to remanufacture them wherever possible by using environmentally friendly materials and processes. By prolonging the life of these ‘undesirable’ materials we hope to postpone the cost and impact of disposal for as long as possible to enable reprocessing technologies and infrastructure to emerge.

“It can make sense to remanufacture old products but in many cases it is only delaying the time when we have to dispose of unsustainable materials used in an age of ignorance.”

Rod Fountain CEO, Flute

Learn about our process Circular economy
Learn about our process. Circular economy

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