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Rome wasn't built in a day but on the other hand it only takes a moment to get started. Our simple three-step process allows you to get started at very modest cost and low risk. Large organisations can only be transformed by inspired individuals taking appropriate action that leads to an increase in understanding and eventually the adoption of the right solution across the entire company.

Understand what's possible and do some simple things to demonstrate this

We'll help you join the dots between what you throw away as an organisation and what you buy. It's time to stop and think: don't procure anything until we see if we can make it out of waste. This will help us establish the big picture opportunity for your business – the dramatic difference you can make by adopting upcycling over the long term. Then we'll work with you to decide upon some simple products we can make from waste quickly and efficiently that can be installed rapidly and that will carry messaging that conveys the purpose and objective to as many staff as possible. This is normally easy to do via items made from waste fibres such as recycling bins, signage, desks, and partition screens. These items will be visible on a daily basis to many staff and customers, and allow you to add bespoke messages to communicate your particular story.

Example Initial starter programme comprises 150 recycling consoles made from waste, branded with the customer logo and messaging, for installation throughout all departments PLUS 50 ceiling hung directional signs bearing the same message PLUS 250 booklets for distribution to key managers and influencers in the business PLUS a linked social media campaign internally and/or externally.

Introduce upcycling to all the major operational areas of the organisation

Using simple internal and external PR tools we work with you to establish upcycling starter projects for the operational areas of the business, so now you have been joined in the transformative agenda by many more people and departments – and you are starting to eliminate significant amounts of waste from your business whilst delivering impressive economic and environmental value.

Example Secondary programme development comprises working with departmental and operational heads to identify immediate needs of the business where upcycling can provide a valid solution, and get to work making workstations, tables, wall panels, shopfittings, signage, partitions, flooring, storage, seating, recycling bins, task lighting, clocks, reception desks, work pods, coat racks, beds, wardrobes, table tennis tables and anything else we might be able to make that you would otherwise buy new. PLUS ongoing internal and external PR campaign.

Get senior management to adopt upcycling as a strategic priority across the whole organisation

This is where heroes are made! Upcycling waste into high value items should be the default setting for us all. Flute works in partnership with your designers, specifiers or architects to take your designs, ideas, hopes and dreams and engineer them to be made from the materials you would otherwise throw away – without compromise on quality or performance.

Example Long term programme comprises working with senior management to rewrite the company's rules of engagement when it comes to waste management and procurement so that not a scrap of waste need ever again go to waste. In future all the resources that comprise your business will be used and reused to their maximum value and efficiency. You will be completely circular and sustainable in every sense.

See our product range in full Request a catalogue
See our product range in full. Request a product catalogue

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