Design & Delivery Beautiful environments that are 100% sustainable

The use of materials that have already enjoyed one or more cycles of life does not mean quality, style, choice or aesthetics need to be compromised. Everything is possible. People crave more than mere ‘fit for purpose’ performance from their surroundings at home and work: they crave beauty, and they deserve beauty.

Spaces designed to your specifications

We work in partnership with you and your team to turn your vision and plan into something that can be engineered from waste materials. It is a unique closed loop design and manufacturing service. Unique because we use only waste fibres or remanufactured products.

Everything is manufactured in the UK with the lowest possible carbon footprint and energy and water use.

We guarantee the products will be fit for purpose for as long as required in use, fully compliant with all relevant regulations, highly cost competitive over the lifetime of the product, 100% sustainable, and a joy to behold.

Delivery and installation

Total project management

Project delivery teams include designers, engineers, workspace architects, and a dedicated account manager with overall responsibility for on-time, on-budget, on-quality delivery of the installed waste-to-value solution.

Services include capacity, flexibility and space planning, wall and partition construction, power and data cabling, and full FF&E design, manufacture, supply and fit. We also manage the project for its entire lifecycle.

See our product range in full Request a catalogue
See our product range in full. Request a product catalogue

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