Circular Economy The future for us all

A restorative, regenerative and beautiful manufacturing economy

The circular economy is about rethinking the way we make the things we need in such a way that secures the future of the planet, so we can eliminate the concept of waste and live in a world of abundance and guilt-free consumption. We have no choice but to do this, as the current ‘take, make, dispose’ linear economy relies on a never ending supply of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy that will soon be exhausted. Forthcoming EC legislation will mean we are all compelled to safeguard the value of the raw materials from which the products we consume are made. We will have to put waste to constructive use. We have to create a manufacturing economy that is restorative, regenerative, and beautiful.

Our 8-step Circular Economy

Once Flute has taken control of your fibrous waste it enters a new world of everlasting life, where the fate of every precious fibre is managed. We process the fibres to create wonderful new products for re-consumption in your organisation, and when these are no longer needed we take those same fibres back and send them back round the virtuous loop.

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1. Fibrous waste

The low value stuff our customers throw away forms the feedstock for the Flute solution.


2. Waste processing

We transform the waste fibres into new paper, board and medium density sheet material.


3. Flute design & engineering

Creating sustainable and high performance products designed to be re-made many times over.


4. Prototype & testing

Making new structures from waste materials and ensuring they meet the required British and European standards.


5. Production & remanufacturing

Large scale primary and secondary assembly facilities enable us to make good on the circular promise.


6. Delivery & installation

Highly experienced teams leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of circular excellence.


7. Lifecycle use by customer

Ensuring the products continue to be fit for purpose for as long as the customer needs them.


8. Flute takes back

At the end of use we take everything back and reuse all the raw materials to make new products.


A Circular Economy creates amazing returns for us all

01 Economic

  • Huge savings for customers.
  • Higher prices for waste.
  • Lower costs for furniture and fittings.
  • Subscription option frees the capital budget.
  • Reduces FM costs.

02 Environmental

  • Huge reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Reduces or eliminates waste to landfill.
  • Optimises use of resources.

Circular economy success stories

We bring life to the circular economy agendas of large organisations by providing the design and engineering skills and the manufacturing scale required to produce the products of the future TODAY.

It is fantastic what we are able to achieve by working together and utilising existing resources. There is no need to buy new furniture when we can have what we want from our own waste. It sounds crazy to say so but we love the idea of sitting on our own waste materials!

Marc den Dubbelden Project Manager Facilities & Procurement

Our partnership with Flute is hugely important to us as it signals our desire to create sustainability in all aspects of our service.

Julie Sherlock Your Healthcare

We want our clients to be the most sustainably managed organisations in Europe.

Jon Cawley Chairman

We have huge challenges to meet and the task of getting to zero landfill and beyond can only be met by the kind of innovation and determination we see at Flute. We now include the Flute solution as part of our core offering to other customers.

Bernard Amos Chairman, Helistrat

Ready to start your circular adventure? Get in touch
Ready to start your circular adventure? Get in touch

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