Chemistry We use green chemistry

Advanced green chemistry and fibre engineering means there are now virtually no situations where it is necessary or desirable to use metal, plastic, glass, aluminium, melamine or MDF to make stylish and fit for purpose commercial furniture and interior fittings.

Green chemistry means reducing or eliminating the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture or application of chemical products.

Cellulose fibre

Organic additives

Super performing materials that are 100% sustainable

The importance of cellulose fibre

In nature as in life: nothing is permanent

There is no such thing as waste fibre. Fibre is a beautiful, essential and bountiful material that has been an important part of mankind's domination of life on Earth. To treat it as waste is a criminal act. In nature there are thousands of examples of fibrous material used to create complex and multi-functional parts. In nature there is no such thing as waste. Everything is food for the next incarnation of life.

Humans are starting to learn from nature and beginning to understand that everything is a cycle and nothing is permanent. A car is not permanent; a house is not permanent; a bridge is not permanent; a country is not permanent. Everything is temporary: temporary is the new permanent. Subscription is the tool that makes sense of this in business.

Our products enjoy everlasting life

We take all products back at the end of use

We don't need to extract any materials from the ground or harvest any crop as raw materials to make most of what is needed by commercial organisations.

Our materials are engineered to have precisely the performance characteristics they need to meet the customer requirement - not more and not less - so you don't pay for performance you don't need. However, when you no longer need the products we take them back and use 100% of the raw materials to make new products of the same or even higher quality! It is pure circular economy: nothing but nothing goes to waste.

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