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Case studies Cawleys waste management

Waste collector inspires its client with enlightened vision of the future

“We want our clients to be the most sustainably managed organisations in Europe”

Fast-growing regional waste management company Cawleys approached Flute to help improve the sustainability of its service offer to a prestigious client with a substantial estate, recently acquired after a tough tender process. Cawleys chairman Jon Cawley knew his company would need to be ahead of the curve if it was to impress its new client.

“Our role now is much more than just collecting waste,” he says, “it’s about delivering truly sustainable recycling and resource management solutions.”

Cawleys proposed to their client that they instigate the first step in a carefully managed upcycling programme to use as much of the low value waste produced by the estate for the benefit of the tenants. This involved the production of several hundred twin-bin recycling consoles in the customer’s own brand for use throughout their organisation. The consoles were made from waste and were more cost effective than the previously installed bins made from plastic and metal – products that were widely disliked by tenants for their unattractive appearance and lack of environmental credentials.

The second phase of the programme is to create whole office areas on the estate from waste and then to advance the programme to embrace the rapidly expanding estate being created on adjacent land that will eventually house an additional 100,000 staff.

Take the first step towards a circular future

It's incredibly easy to make a start on introducing the exciting economic and environmental advantages of upcycling to your organisation. Our simple three-step process has been designed to help you communicate these in a compelling way, demonstrating the quality and desirability of products made from waste and their practical application in your day-to-day business.

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