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The right solutions will always be found – eventually

Posted on 8 June 2015 Posted by FluteOffice

We are proud to become one of the very first suppliers to the new Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London – the first new engineering department at the university for 20 years. For a company like ours, aspiring to be a leader in sustainable design innovation, there can be few greater accolades: we are working with our heroes.

Most people are familiar with Dyson’s fantastic achievements since finally cracking the problem of how to make vacuum cleaners more efficient and less wasteful – after 5,000 prototypes that didn’t quite work. To change the mindset of an entrenched industry takes incredible stamina, and most people shy away from the challenge. But Dyson got hooked on sustainable engineering because it made perfect sense: if you can do more with less you create a better world. Seen in this context, the issue of stamina is irrelevant.

Now his many engineers are given the freedom they need to be fearless creative problem solvers, inventers, dreamers. There will be no stopping Dyson now, especially as his engineers have helped develop the new Master of Engineering curriculum at Imperial so it can be super relevant to the needs of industry.

The new school is led by Professor Peter Childs, an extraordinarily gifted designer, engineer, and creativity pioneer who creates forward momentum wherever he goes. When I first met him, at Sussex University ten years ago, he was working on thermo-fluid dynamics, helping Rolls Royce solve jet engine problems whilst simultaneously raising millions from the Government to create a unique creativity space in which people could learn how to think differently. His breadth of vision has no bounds.

It is absolutely no surprise to me at all that Peter should end up at the very pinnacle of the design engineering world. Stamina was required, for sure, but never in doubt.

Rod Fountain, CEO

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