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Brexit will force a renewed focus on Resource Efficiency

Posted on 11 July 2016 Posted by FluteOffice

Enormous pressure on capital expenditure and project budgets in the wake of the Brexit vote will force organisations to focus on resource efficiency and the economic and environmental sense of adopting circular economy programmes.

This new impetus derives from a compelling need to conserve cash as well as resources.   Middle managers who have rarely had to consider the detail of the waste management and procurement decisions they make will be forced to think again:  how we can get more from less?

That is, of course, the great Flute story – taking low value or ‘worthless’ waste streams and upcycling them into high value products for re-consumption by the customer.   Make what you need from what you throw away – simple, effective, and now essential.

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Ready to revolutionise your business? Get in touch

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