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No more waste: just beautiful products with everlasting life

We take what you throw away and transform it into high quality furniture and fittings for commercial interiors.

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Virtually everything we will ever need has already been made

The compelling business case of our age is to learn how to use valuable raw materials wisely, to eliminate waste and to enable all of us to live in a world of abundance, using what we need for as long as we need it without fear of the consequences.

Our circular economy

Fortunes are thrown away by big business

Our mission is the elimination of waste at a large scale and the creation of compelling economic, environmental and social value in partnership with our customers.

The global waste problem

Green chemistry

High performance fibres are structural engineering marvels. Think fibre reinforced composites.

Our technology

Beautiful environments with everlasting life

Case studies

We make the circular economy real for our customers

We bring life to the circular economy agendas of large organisations by providing the design and engineering skills and the manufacturing scale required to produce the products of the future TODAY.

We have huge challenges to meet and the task of getting to zero landfill and beyond can only be met by the kind of innovation and determination we see at Flute. We now include the Flute solution as part of our core offering to other customers.

Bernard Amos Chairman, Helistrat

Flute provides a completely sustainable approach to a regular day-to-day need all organisations have – and it has the Wow! factor that makes it all the more inspiring.

Professor Peter RN Childs Head of School

With such a complex project it is easy to overlook how small advances can make a difference to the overall strategic delivery of a hugely important objective.

John Hutton Thames Tideway

When we installed our first Flute office at the Trust, everyone who came to see it said they wanted one too!

Robin Packman Head of waste management and energy efficiency

Take the first step towards a circular future

It's incredibly easy to make a start on introducing the exciting economic and environmental advantages of upcycling to your organisation. Our simple three-step process has been designed to help you communicate these in a compelling way, demonstrating the quality and desirability of products made from waste and their practical application in your day-to-day business.

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See our product range in full Request a catalogue
See our product range in full. Request a product catalogue

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